CVRST began as the byproduct of a year long journey through 25,000 miles of American highways, forests, deserts, small towns, large cities, and everything in between. It was during this trip on my stripped down Harley Sportster, that the concept of CVRST was born.

In 2013 I was working 50-70 hours a week at a dead end job and struggling to make rent and bills.  I just couldn't convince myself that life was supposed to be experienced this way. I figured the struggle to find food and shelter on the road was far more desirable than the results I'd seen working a standard job. I quit my job, sold everything I owned, strapped as much gear to my bike as I possibly could, and headed south from Central Washington.

Over the next year I road through over 35 states, and had the pleasure of going to a multitude of events. Two Born Free shows, Hood Bush, Gypsy Run, Brooklyn Invitational, Pinned Ohio, Giddy Up Texas, Ramble Tamble, and many more. Not only did I meet some of the most wonderful and generous people, get to see some of the most incredible bikes ever built, but I also got to examine what riders were wearing and using for gear.

I had countless conversations with people about items they wished were available for motorcycle riders that were also travel/camping enthusiasts. These conversations seemed to center around bags, tents, clothes, sleeping bags, hammocks, etc. We all know those products exist, but generally they can't compete with the degree of durability that life on the road requires.  In that instant, I knew something needed to be done. Products that were functional, stylish, however they could handle what thousands of miles of rubber and pavement do to a person.

In that year of 25,000 miles on the road, the idea for CVRST was more and more solidified with every exit sign I passed. Conversations with hundreds of people, an internship at a custom denim shop, constantly sleeping outside, and numerous other experiences put me on the path of creating the highest quality outdoor products available.

I returned from the trip and landed in Seattle Washington. I was living in a friends garage, with a borrowed sewing machine and seam ripper. I was gifted an old military duffle bag that I subsequently took apart to learn bag construction. I manufactured my first tool roll, and did market testing via Instagram. 

The ball began rolling immediately...

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